Camp Nelu introduces a programme that correlates with the school curriculum in ways that build on and enhance what teachers are accomplishing in the classroom. Activities are designed to be hands-on and active in their experiential approach to learning more about self, others and the world around us.







It is our hope that these programmes will increase environmental awareness through discovery-based activities which nurture a sense of community extending beyond, to include the environment upon which we all depend. Students and teachers learn together in Discover Groups guided by our experienced staff who genuinely care about the state of the environment and the young people who are about to inherit the earth. Discover Groups encourage cooperative learning in ways that enhance each participant’s sense of self-esteem by developing an awareness of personal responsibility in any group situation. Each activity is designed with transference in mind so that participants can bring home what they learn and incorporate the lessons learnt at camp into their daily lives.






We also offer a number of programme options for the whole group that encourage personal growth and discovery while providing a collective experience for the entire group. Options like" Predator and Prey", or even a good old-fashioned Campfire ( with toasted marshmallows!) can provide some of the most memorable moments of time spent at the reserve.






Our curriculum is a unique blend of science, maths, living history, and adventure-based programmes that make learning fun! What follows, is a brief description of some of the activity offerings. From these abstracts, we can create the perfect programme for your students and teachers at Camp Nelu, as we discover our environment as well as each other together!






The discover groups have a maximum of 18 students with one counsellor and a chaperone/teacher (if possible). This will increase the experience of the students by getting more and better attention from counsellors.