"Nature education leads to understanding"


Camp Nelu was established in 2004 by the director, Pieter Trollip, after spending time in America where he received his training. After coming back to South Africa, he launched Camp Nelu Adventure Centre, and the company has grown to a well known and much loved camp facility, hosting camps at various camp sites around South Africa.

Our mission is to provide hands on outdoor environmental and cultural learning experiences in a fun and safe environment. These experiences empower people to honor the diversity and interdependence of all life.

Our objectives are: To be inclusive of all backgrounds and cultures.
  To teach sustainable living skills.
  To empower responsible leaders of our natural environment.
  To teach individual responsibility and accountability.
  To value differences and honour diversity.
  To value sensitivity as an inner strength.
  To roll model that character does count.
  To teach the value of a community.
  To conserve our natural inheritance for future generations.
  To Dream, Explore and Discover…

Our philosophy is: On the first level we teach environmental awareness activities where the students are made aware of their natural world. Students leave with an understanding that we, as individuals, have an influence on, and can make a difference in our natural world. Individual accountability is one of the main focal points of our activities! 

  On a second level we teach life skills such as teamwork, goal setting, and communication. Our activities encourage cooperative learning in ways that enhance each participant’s sense of self-esteem, by developing an awareness of personal responsibility in any group situation.

  On a third level, through creating sensitivity for the living, we achieve an understanding of the interconnectedness of everything, including us, as human beings. Our activities offer experiences for everyone, encouraging personal growth and discovery while providing a collective experience for the whole group. Students leave with an appreciation for, and greater understanding of the differences and similarities between us as people.